Hi, We are Nora and Ghost


Ghost is my Dire Wolf.

He makes me braver. After Ghost found me I knew I was ready to open a shop of my own.

Everything that I have done in my life has lead me here, to owning my own shop. It started in college, where I discovered a passion and talent for sewing clothes. It continued when I started working in a cafe and found that serving others helped me overcome my shyness. When I started working in a bead shop I learned how to make jewelry and gained an education of gemstones. After that I worked in a vintage clothing store. The selection I helped curate there won awards for the best vintage shop in boston for multiple years, and the items in that shop made me swoon. When I moved to New York 8 years ago I worked in a resale shop which allowed me to quickly assess current trends and desirable clothing. After several years at a small contemporary boutique where I spent one on one time with our customers, I was ready to do this on my own.

It was time to create a beautiful little life for my new tiny family, myself and Ghost.