Bringing Curated and Up-cycled Second Hand Pieces to Bed-Stuy

Candy Colored Girl is a Clothing store with an emphasis on sustainable fashion for women and children. It is a place for people who want to express their individuality through clothing and jewelry, empowering them to feel good about themselves in every aspect.


CCG Philosophy

The Daughter of Wands from the Handle Tarot has long represented everything Candy Colored Girl stands for- feeling powerful and independent by decorating yourself with jewelry, make up and clothing, representing your very individual style. The archetype is a unique individual, a non-conformist who does not need affirmation or approval from anyone other than herself.

What we sell

We sell vintage items, repaired with love so they can be loved again. We have gently used pieces that speak to current trends. We have new items, basics that pair well with the secondhand items, and upcycled fashion: older items reworked into something new. We also carry a vast jewelry selection and other accessories.

Who we are

We are a mom and pop shop. Except there’s no pop. Just me, Nora, and I’m Mom to a kitty named Ghost. I’m creating a beautiful little life for myself within these four walls, and I’m loving every second of sharing this life with all of you! If any of these topics resonate with you please come visit me in the shop so we can carry on the conversation….

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The Shop

Candy Colored Girl is one of the only vintage, second hand stores in Bed Stuy Brooklyn We are very neighborhood focused and love seeing our neighbors as well as new faces come through the door.


Handmade Jewelry

Nora has been making jewelry for 20 years and loves seeing her pieces on all the CCG customers. Come in and see some of the best handmade jewelry in the BedStuy Brooklyn area.


Candy Colored Kids

CCG believes that your kids can look as cool as you do. There is always a selection of stylish vintage and upcycled kids clothing on the special kids rack.